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Non-Damaging Pinless Sensor

Every Orion meter features pinless technology…a non-damaging way to quickly and accurately measure the moisture content of wood. (This also eliminates the frustrations and costs of broken pins!)


On-Site Calibration

No need to return your Orion to the factory for calibration. Every Orion meter comes with an individually paired On-Demand Calibrator allowing you to easily calibrate your meter anytime*, ensuring that you will always be able to obtain accurate moisture measurements. A NIST-traceable version, with a certificate of calibration, can also be purchased. *patent pending

7-Year Warranty

Wagner Meters is proud to include the Orion line of pinless moisture meters within our Genuine Wagner 7-Year Warranty program. The longest lasting warranty in the industry!


Shallow Depth Measurements

The Orion 920 Shallow Depth Pinless Moisture Meter provides the capability to measure moisture content from the surface down to ¼” in the wood specimen. This is particularly useful for checking wood moisture content after application of waterborne finishes or for thin wood such as checking moisture content during wood flooring acclimation.


Deep Depth Measurements

The Orion 910 Deep Depth Pinless Moisture Meter is ideal for reading the moisture content in wood thicknesses from .75” (19mm) to 1.5” (38mm).


Dual Depth Moisture Measurements

Get the best of both worlds: The Orion 930, 940, and 950 moisture meters provide readings at ¼” and ¾” depth modes to measure the moisture content of thin samples such as wood floors or deeper into thick wood samples to find moisture further into the wood.

IntelliSense™ Technology

Orion 910, 930, 940, and 950 pinless wood moisture meters incorporate IntelliSense™ technology in their ¾” deep reading modes. This enables accurate determination of the moisture content deeper in the wood while minimizing the effect that surface moisture will have on the meter readings. Pin-type meters may be able to bypass the surface conditions, but they also damage the surface of the wood every time you take a reading. Air humidity, condensation, or other ambient conditions can impact many moisture meters and give inaccurate readings that cost you money.


Virtually Unaffected by Temperature

Every Orion pinless meter is virtually unaffected by the temperature of the wood or the environment. Unlike pin meters, Orion’s sensing technology does not need correction or adjustment to account for the temperature of the wood.

Data Collection

The Orion 940 and 950 can collect data in two modes…either manual or automatic with viewable moisture stats. Both meters can hold data storage of up to 100 readings and includes high-low-average analysis. Utilize the 950’s smart capabilities to send out that data into job-specific reports.


Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Get the ambient temperature and relative humidity measurements of any room the Orion 950 is in with its built-in sensor. It’s like having a Smart Logger™ and a moisture meter all in one!


Fast Selection Species Settings

With simple up/down arrow buttons, your Orion meter can be easily and quickly set for the wood species you need to measure, and the range of settings accommodates practically any softwood or hardwood species in the world. Orion’s can also be user-configured to measure some non-solid wood products such as plywood, OSB, or MDF. The Orion line even has settings information for many bamboo flooring products.


Bluetooth App Enabled

The Orion 950 interacts through Bluetooth technology with both Woodshop MC™ and FloorSmart™ free mobile apps for your Android or Apple smart device. The apps are available on either Google Play or iTunes. You can receive and record data, set specifications for separate jobs, and much more!


Press to Hold Readings

On every Orion moisture meter, if you press down once on the ON/HOLD button it will hold the moisture reading you took. This is quite useful if you’re measuring in a hard to reach area.

Relative Moisture Mode

A relative moisture measurement mode allows for taking relative moisture measurements in non-wood based materials and engineered wood flooring. This means you can use an Orion moisture meter to obtain relative moisture conditions on a number of non-wood building materials and flooring products.


Dew Point Calculations

Throw out your calculator because the Orion 950 will calculate the dew point of the environment for you. Utilizing the built-in temperature and humidity sensor the Orion 950 will calculate and display the current dew point whenever and wherever you need.


Grains Per Pound/Kilogram Mode

Grains per pound/kilogram (GPP/GPK) is a more precise measurement to know the exact weight of water vapor that is in the surrounding air. The Orion 950 will calculate and display instantly the grains per pound/kilogram, also known as the specific humidity of the air, compared to relative humidity.


Ruggedized Protective Rubber Boot

Every Orion moisture meter comes with a stylish rubber boot to help protect your meter from accidental drops or bumps just like a phone case protects a phone. In addition, a foam-lined rugged hard case is provided for your Orion and its calibration reference.


Equilibrium Moisture Content

The Orion 950 will also calculate the equilibrium moisture content (EMC) of the environment where your wood is stored. This will allow you to verify that your shop or plant environment is conducive for the proper acclimation of wood.


Programmable Alarm

Every Orion includes a user-programmable, audible alarm for high moisture content levels.

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