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Why Buy a Wagner Meter ?

Our Best Wood Moisture Meter

If you’re shopping for a moisture meter, there’s a good chance someone told you to consider a Wagner meter. And with good reason.

Wagner moisture meters are valued around the world for their exceptional accuracy and reliability. If you surveyed professional woodworkers, furniture makers, musical instrument makers, flooring installers, quality control inspectors, artisans, hobbyists . . . or just about anyone else who works with wood, you’d find that many use a Wagner moisture meter.

With the introduction of our new Orion® moisture meter lineup, we believe we have the best wood moisture meter that’s just right for you.


The Orion moisture meter product lineup – five meters in all – sets a new standard in non-invasive wood moisture measurement. Each Orion meter offers you advanced technology, superior accuracy, and unmatched versatility that you won’t find anywhere else.

Here’s just a sample of what Orion meters also have to offer you . . .

On-site calibration

All Orion meters come with a calibration block so you can do your own in-field calibration quickly and easily – a feature never seen before in the industry. So you won’t lose time . . . or money . . . having to send your unit to the factory for recalibration. Your meter is always available when needed . . . and always accurate for the life of your meter.


Most wood friendly

Every Orion meter comes with a non-damaging pinless sensor. You never damage the wood with unsightly holes like you do with pin meters – another reason why many professional woodworkers prefer the Orion meter. Plus, you can take much faster readings with the Orion pinless meter than you can with a pin meter.

7-year warranty

Orion meters are the only meters with a 7-year warranty – in fact, several years longer than the closest competitor’s warranty. Our customers like knowing we stand behind all our wood moisture meters.

Our Orion meters have many other user-friendly features. You can see all of them in detail on the comparison matrix, if you wish to view them.

Now take a look at three of our most popular Orion models to see which one’s right for you . . .


Orion models 930, 940 and 950

Feature dual-depth technology . . . so you can measure shallow or deep, depending on your needs.

The Orion 940 also has data collection ability. This allows you to store and review up to 100 readings, plus get the maximum, minimum, and average of all stored readings.

In addition to data collection and dual-depth technology, the Orion 950 comes with Bluetooth® and an app for easy reporting on your smart device. It also has an onboard temperature and humidity sensor which you can use straight up . . . or you can use it to calculate the equilibrium moisture content (EMC). EMC is the measure of what wood will eventually equilibrate to if left in its present environment.

So with this one meter, you’ll know the target (the EMC) for the wood moisture, and you’ll know what it actually is. Knowing the difference between the target and the actual moisture content determines how many problems you’re going to have.

And here’s one more thing you get with all Orion meters . . .


World-class support

e value our customers. It’s why we have so many repeat customers and referrals for our products. If you ever have questions or concerns of any kind about your meter or woodworking projects, simply call or email us.
We’re always here for you.

Hope you now see why so many of our customers worldwide believe our Orion meters are so special.

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