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With more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing industrial equipment for detecting metals, the company MDI inc. carries a reputation that gives confidence and a quality of high-end products.

You cannot afford to own a detector other than the best metal detector to protect your equipment and your profits. Metal Detector inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of a range of high-quality industrial conveyors for forest products, aggregates, recycling and processing industries.

Well designed with full support, MDI systems inc. are necessary elements of the production process. Systems exist to protect expensive equipment during all stages of the process and prevent costly downtime in the event of metal parts.

Protect your most precious assets

A metal detector installed at the head of a large piece of equipment provides protection against damage due to metals. The metal detector protects your most valuable assets and reduces the cost of downtime. With excellent customer service and constant innovation, MDI inc. has established itself as a seasoned leader in detecting metals.

Serving a large number of industries

The experience of MDI inc. has led them to supply metal detectors to a large number of industries:

Wood products

MDI has custom designed metal detectors to protect key equipment during wood processing. Conveyor systems protect shredders and shredders. Surround systems scan whole logs, logs and boards in applications with linear and cross feed.


The company MDI inc. is proud of its experienced and qualified personnel whose knowledge, experience and technology to assist in the event of metallic contaminants that may occur in the production of biofuel.


The recycling industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. The company MDI inc. took up the unique challenges of the industry, metal detectors designed and proven by their efficiency to work in hostile environments.


Aggregate industries fill conveyors with tractor shovels, the teeth of which are generally made of manganese. Manganese is a difficult non-ferrous alloy for most metal detectors. The company MDI inc. solved the problem with the MP-Series Metal Detector system.


The company MDI inc. is successful in providing equipment for detecting metals in a wide variety of industries and applications such as coal, industrial washing, pulp and paper industries, plastics and more. If industrial equipment requires protection against metallic contaminants, the company MDI inc. has the solution.

Metal detection

Metal detectors are designed in a large gram of dimensions and sensitivity levels for several applications. The company MDI inc. manufactures single-sided or wrapping systems as well as fiberglass conveyor sections.

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