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40 Years of CCTV Experience

Opticom Technologies was incorporated in 1973. Through the years they have become embedded in all aspects of the CCTV industry. Over the past 15 years they have developed a range of products that are of superior quality to meet the needs of the most demanding industrial and commercial applications. After over 40 year in business they have strong, established relationships with a worldwide network of leading edge OEM factories.

The CC-02 was designed by Opticom in Canada and is manufactured exclusively for Opticom in Korea. Another key to there continued success is there very selective distribution program. They sell through only the most responsible and reliable resellers to ensure that our customers are handled professionally.

Caméras industrelles

Industrial cameras

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HD-TVI cameras

Caméra HD-TVI
Caméras IP (network)

IP (network) cameras

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