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WFP500+ Rapid RH® 5.0 Professional Flooring Installer Kit

WFP500+ Rapid RH® 5.0 Professional Flooring Installer Kit


The WFP500+ gives the professional installer the most advanced moisture testing technology for concrete, wood, and other building materials. Includes 2 Smart Logger™ ambient temperature and humidity recorders.

  • Description

    Introducing the complete kit for the professional flooring installer who needs accurate moisture condition readings for a wide range of building materials, including concrete and wood.


    Wagner Meters combines three important, highly accurate moisture measurement tools along with all the essential components of the Rapid RH® 5.0 Starter Kit into one economical package, a package that offers Wagner Meters’ latest and most advanced technologies. The Rapid RH® 5.0 System makes reusable concrete moisture sensors cost-effective and easy-to-use with its patent-pending EasyCare CalCheck® feature.


    The WFP500+ also includes:


    The Orion 930, which brings pinless moisture measuring capabilities to a variety of wood species, as well as other building materials, all in one handheld meter.


    The TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer, a pocket-sized device that gives you relative humidity and dew point readings at any point during a concrete installation.


    An infrared thermometer, a thermometer with a light pistol-grip that provides quick and accurate temperature readings on a concrete slab so contractors can verify if the floor is ready to be finished.


    Here’s a complete list of everything included in the WFP500+ package:


    5 ea. Rapid RH® 5.0 Reusable Smart Sensors
    2 ea. Smart Logger™ Ambient Temperature and Humidity Recorders
    1 ea. TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer
    1 ea. Infrared Thermometer
    1 ea. Orion 930 Dual Depth Pinless Wood Moisture Meter
    1 ea. On-Demand Calibrator
    5 ea. EasyCare CalCheck® at 75% Relative Humidity
    1 ea. CalCheck Storage Tray
    1 ea. Easy Reader with Touch-n-Sense™ Technology
    1 ea. Bluetooth® Smart Reader with Touch-n-Sense™ Technology
    25 ea. Finned Bases
    10 ea. Sleeve Extensions
    5 ea. Protective Caps
    5 ea. Full Sleeve Packs (sleeve, protective cap, 2 sleeve extensions)
    1 ea. ¾” Masonry Drill Bit
    1 ea. Insertion Tool
    1 ea. Wire Cleaning Brush
    1 ea. Vacuum Attachment
    1 ea. Easy Carrying Case
    1 ea. Rapid RH 5.0 Sensor Extraction Tool
    1 ea. Rapid RH 5.0 Sleeve Removal Tool
    1 ea. Certificate of Calibration
    1 ea. Floor Map
    1 ea. Instruction Manual


    With the WFP500+, the professional flooring installer has the most advanced moisture testing technology at the ready to test concrete, wood, and most other building materials.


    From the highly acclaimed Rapid RH® System for testing concrete to the extremely versatile Orion 930 that tests for wood damage, and to the patent-pending EasyCare CalCheck® that keeps reusable concrete sensors ASTM F2170 compliant, it’s all here in the WFP500.

  • Downloads


    A complete, full-featured app offering a seamless relative humidity data collection and reporting system for your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device (Rapid RH® Bluetooth®Smart Reader required, and your mobile device must support Bluetooth® Low Energy technology*).


    Designed specifically for use with all Rapid RH® 4.0 EX and 5.0 Smart Sensors for concrete moisture testing, the DataMaster™ app helps to ensure full ASTM F2170 compliance.

    Now even better than the original DataMaster™ tool that was awarded Most Innovative Product, Industry Choice, for Concrete Construction Equipment at World of Concrete 2013. You’ll especially appreciate its convenient smartphone interface and report generation.


    Easy-to-use and offered as a highly intuitive package that includes all these important features:


    • Manually and/or automatically acquires ALL data necessary to adhere to the ASTM F2170 standard.
    • Maintains and ensures ASTM critical data integrity by making formatted report “READ ONLY.”
    • Links all recorded data to a display of your job site’s sensor locations with it’s new mapping function.
    • Ensures simple, concise report formatting.
    • Allows for emailing or printing of reports directly from your smartphone to any wireless enabled printer.
    • Allows data to be easily exported to the dedicated website for graphing, trending, etc.


    Available for download today. Must be used with the Bluetooth® Smart Reader to take advantage of all its great features.


    *BLE can be found on Android 4.3 or newer, and iPhone 4s or newer, iPad Mini, and iPad 2 or newer.


    Apple Store or Google Play


    Rapid RH®CalMaster

    A free app that will display, record, and track all calibration check data for Wagner Meters’ Rapid RH® 5.0 Smart Sensor (Rapid RH® Bluetooth® Smart Reader required, and your mobile device must support Bluetooth® Low Energy technology*). Simplifies the process of recording and proving compliance with ASTM F2170 when using reusable relative humidity (RH) sensors.


    CalMaster displays and stores the following data for each Rapid RH® 5.0 sensor:


    • serial numbername/location
    • date and result of the most recent calibration check
    • the date each sensor is due for the next manufacturer calibration, as required by ASTM F2170


    CalMaster also generates and emails a PDF report of your calibration check data.
    Please note: CalMaster provides an easy-to-read display of in situ sensor readings for both the single use Rapid RH®4.0 EX and reusable 5.0 Smart Sensors, but only calibration data are recorded and tracked. CalMaster does not record in situ sensor readings.


    For a robust, full-featured data transfer and recording app for the Rapid RH®, please check out the all-new DataMaster™ app.


    *BLE can be found on Android 4.3 or newer, and iPhone 4s or newer, iPad Mini, and iPad 2 or newer.


    Apple Store or Google Play


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