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Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer


For building inspectors as well as finished flooring and coating contractors, Wagner Meters’ Infrared Thermometer adds immediate and vital information for building inspections and flooring installations.

  • Description

    The Infrared Thermometer is a compact, easy-to-use tool used by both building inspectors and flooring professionals. It provides non-contact temperature measurement at varying work distances, high accuracy, and a wide measuring range.


    Building inspectors find the Infrared Thermometer, or IR Thermometer, handy for measuring drafts and insulation breakdown. They can pick up hot spots in electrical systems and bearings, gauge the temperature of a home or building’s heating system, like a hot water heater or furnace, and monitor cooling systems such as cold air leaks around HVAC systems. The Infrared Thermometer provides building inspectors a more valuable inspection, giving them an advantage in the competitive inspection business.


    Flooring professionals use the Infrared Thermometer for quick and accurate assessment and verification of the temperature of a concrete slab surface for meeting flooring, adhesive, and/or coating specs. With its convenient pistol-style grip, this lightweight thermometer can instantly give temperature readings to verify installation conditions. Used in conjunction with the Rapid RH® test, the Infrared Thermometer adds another vital piece of information for the installer to utilize in determining slab readiness with regards to flooring finishes.


    User settings include either Celsius or Fahrenheit readings, with or without standard red target light guidance. Instant temperature readings, a handy size and style, and the Wagner Meters commitment to quality products makes the Infrared Thermometer another valuable tool for flooring professionals and building inspectors.


    Measurement Range: -25.6° F to 707° F (-32° C to 375° C)


    Accuracy: ±2% of reading


    Distance to Spot Ratio: 12:1


    Emissivity: Preset at 0.95


    Response Time: ≤500ms


    Repeatability: ±1% of reading or ± 2° F (1° C), whichever is greater


    Battery: 9V


    Dimensions: 6 in x 5 in x 1.5 in

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