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Smart Sensor 5 Pack for Rapid RH® L6

Smart Sensor 5 Pack for Rapid RH® L6


If you already have our Rapid RH® L6 Total Reader® and just need a few more sensors, the Smart Sensor 5 pack is for you.

  • Description

    The Smart Sensor 5 Pack includes 5 Rapid RH® L6 Smart Sensors and accessories. Perfect for when you already have the Total Reader® and you just need a few extra Smart Sensors.


    The Rapid RH L6 Smart Sensors are factory calibrated using CMOSens® technology to ensure accurate readings. Each Smart Sensor pack comes with a NIST-traceable calibration certificate and comes in tamper-resistant packaging to ensure perfectly calibrated, genuine Wagner Smart Sensors.


    NOTE: Does not include the Total Reader.



    • 5 ea. L6 Smart Sensors
    • 10 ea. Extensions
    • 5 ea. Protective Caps with Rubber Plugs and Butyl Gasket
    • 5 ea. Stainless Steel Covers
    • Certificate of Calibration
    • Floor Map
    • Instruction Manual


    I still have 4.0EX sensors. How does this affect me?

    You’re still working with the best concrete RH test in the industry. Feel free to use the rest of your 4.0EX Smart Sensors.


    When you’re ready to replenish your sensor stock, simply order a new value pack of L6 sensors, since they come with the new Total Reader for FREE (until May 2020). You’ll also need the NEW Rapid RH L6 Insertion Tool. Once you have these, you’re ready to make a seamless transition to the next generation of RH testing technology for a relatively small additional investment. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed with the added features.

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    The DataMaster™ L6 improves upon the incredible utility of the DataMaster 4.0/5.0 app with streamlined navigation to information and reporting functions making your concrete slab relative humidity (RH) testing faster and easier than before. The DataMaster L6 app connects via Bluetooth® to the Rapid RH Total Reader® for a completely wireless system of reading, recording, and reporting your concrete slab moisture test data. DataMaster L6 takes advantage of an unbroken stream of data to give you the highest level of data integrity.


    • Capture, assemble, and email all data necessary to adhere to the ASTM F2170 standard.
    • Ensure the integrity of your critical ASTM data from sensors and email “READ ONLY” reports.
    • Link all recorded data to your job site’s sensor locations with a mapping function.
    • Input job metadata such as job name, address, and hole depth.
    • Add photos, audio memos, and text notes to your job info.
    • Print reports directly from your smart device.Easily upload your job data to the website.


    The DataMaster L6 app is designed to be used only with Rapid RH L6 Smart Sensors and the Rapid RH Total Reader for fast, accurate, and reliable RH testing.


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    DataMaster L6 Tutorial

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